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Revolutionize Transform Optimize Expedite Evolve Smart Meter Testing with Robotic Automation.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Costs.
Smart Meters Drive Energy Efficiency, But Flawed Meters Hinder Progress.
Effective Testing Ensures Accurate Data & a Greener Future.

The transition towards a smarter and more sustainable energy grid hinges on the reliable performance of smart meters.
However, ensuring the accuracy and functionality of these meters before mass deployment requires rigorous testing.
Our innovative robotic testing solutions empower you to streamline the testing process, optimize efficiency,
and ensure the seamless operation of your smart metering infrastructure.

Challenges of Traditional
Smart Meter Testing

Our robotic automation solutions,
designed to eliminate the challenges and optimize your testing process.

Labor-Intensive & Time-Consuming

Manual testing of smart meters involves physically visiting each meter location, making it a time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

Limited Test Coverage

Simulating various scenarios like meter readings, data communication, and outage situations can be challenging with manual testing, potentially leaving vulnerabilities or malfunctions undetected.

Inconsistent Testing & Human Error

Manual testing is prone to human error, leading to inconsistent results and potentially missed issues during the testing process.

Safety Concerns

Accessing meter locations may involve safety hazards, particularly in remote areas or harsh weather conditions.

Scalability Challenges

Scaling manual testing efforts to accommodate a growing network of smart meters or complex functionalities can be difficult and costly.

Limited Data & Analytics

Traditional testing methods often lack the ability to generate detailed data and insights for performance optimization.

Benefits of

Robotic Smart Meter Testing

Reduce regression testing time by 60% and achieve faster go-to-market with
our ready-to-deploy robotic testing solutions and ongoing support.​

Enhanced Efficiency & Reduced Costs

Robots automate repetitive tasks like meter reading, data validation, and communication testing, freeing up valuable personnel for other critical tasks.

Improved Accuracy & Consistency

Eliminate human error from the equation. Robotic automation ensures consistent and reliable test results every time, leading to a more robust smart metering system.

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Go beyond the limitations of manual testing. Robots can effectively simulate a vast range of scenarios, uncovering potential issues like communication breakdowns or malfunctioning components.

Enhanced Safety

Robotic testing eliminates the safety risks associated with physically accessing meter locations, especially in hazardous environments.

Scalability & Flexibility

Robotic testing solutions are easily scalable to accommodate a growing network of smart meters and evolving functionalities.

Data-Driven Insights

Automated testing provides valuable data and analytics on meter performance, power usage patterns, and potential system issues. This data can be used for preventive maintenance, optimizing energy distribution, and improving overall system efficiency.

How Our Robotic-Aided

Smart Meter Testing Works

Our robotic smart meter testing streamlines the process of ensuring your meters are ready for deployment. Our user-friendly
software allows for effortless test case creation, and the robots can handle multiple meters at once like
Energy meter, Gas meter & In Home Displays. This comprehensive testing covers all crucial
functionalities – from accurate meter readings and balance checks to supplier
management and communication with the central hub. This ensures the
data collected by your smart meters is reliable, fostering
a more efficient and sustainable energy grid.