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Revolutionize Transform Optimize Expedite Evolve POS Testing with Robotic Automation.

Shoppers are impatient!
80% want to checkout in 5 minutes or less.
Slow lines and slow POS cost you sales.

Slow checkouts can lead to abandoned carts.
Optimizing your POS system with fast scanning and smooth processing is key.
Rigorous testing ensures your system runs flawlessly, keeping customers happy and sales ringing in.

The Limitations of

Traditional POS Testing

Our robotic automation solutions,
designed to eliminate the challenges and optimize your testing process.

Time-Consuming & Repetitive

Manual testing of POS systems involves repetitive tasks like simulating transactions and validating functionalities. This consumes valuable staff time that could be better spent on other critical areas.

Inconsistent Testing & Human Error

Manual testing is prone to human error, leading to inconsistent results and potentially missed issues. Robotic automation ensures consistent and accurate test execution every time.

Limited Scenario Coverage

Simulating diverse customer interactions and edge cases (discounts, returns, network outages) can be difficult with manual testing. Robots can effectively mimic a wide range of scenarios for comprehensive testing.

Difficulty with Frequent Updates

Keeping up with frequent POS software updates and new functionalities can be challenging with manual testing. Robotic automation allows for quicker adaptation to changes and faster testing cycles.

Limited Scalability & Integration

Scaling manual testing efforts to accommodate a growing business or complex POS systems can be difficult. Robotic automation solutions are easily scalable and integrate seamlessly with existing POS environments.

Data-Driven Insights Gap

Manual testing often lacks the ability to generate detailed data and analytics for performance optimization. Robotic testing solutions provide valuable data to identify trends and improve POS system efficiency.

Benefits of

Robotic POS Testing

Reduce regression testing time by 60% and achieve faster go-to-market with
our ready-to-deploy robotic testing solutions and ongoing support.​

Multiple DUT (Device Under Test) Testing

We can simultaneously test multiple POS terminals, Pinpads or a combinations of multple devices which significantly reducing testing time compared to manual testing of POS System. This is ideal for ensuring consistent performance across Complete POS System.

Code-Less Test Case Generation

Our solutions offer features that allow generating test cases through a user-friendly interface without needing to write complex code. This simplifies the testing process for those with less programming experience and allows for faster test case development.

Code Reusability

Robotic testing scripts can be easily reused and adapted for various test cases, saving time and effort during test case creation. This promotes consistency and reduces the risk of errors associated with manual script creation for each test.

Enhanced Efficiency & Reduced Costs

Robots automate repetitive tasks, freeing up staff for more strategic initiatives. This translates to faster testing cycles and reduced overall testing costs.

Improved Accuracy & Consistency

Eliminate human error from the equation. Robotic automation ensures consistent and accurate test execution every time, leading to reliable results and a more robust POS system.

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Go beyond the limitations of manual testing. Robots can simulate a vast array of customer interactions and edge cases, uncovering potential issues you might otherwise miss.

Faster Time-to-Market

Adapt and deploy new POS software updates with confidence. Robotic automation allows for quicker testing cycles, minimizing delays and accelerating your time-to-market.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Ensure a smooth and positive checkout experience for your customers. By identifying and resolving potential issues before they impact real customers, robotic testing promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Gain valuable data and analytics from automated testing. Use these insights to identify trends, optimize system performance, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

How Our Robotic-Aided

POS Testing Works

A comprehensive testing journey simulates real-world scenarios, from user login
and customer management to product scanning and receipt validation.
Each stage is meticulously automated, ensuring thorough
testing and minimizing error.​

Recepit Roller
Card Tap Module
Payment Terminal
Card Insert Module
POS Touch Screen

POS Robotic Testing Accesories & Enhancements

Complete POS Automated Robotic Testing with our advanced robotic components.