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Revolutionize Transform Optimize Expedite Evolve POS Testing with Robotic Automation.

Modern Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are complex and critical to your business operations. However, ensuring their functionality and security through traditional manual testing methods can be a significant hurdle. Many organizations encounter similar challenges

Inefficiencies in Test Case Creation

Developing and maintaining comprehensive test cases for diverse POS scenarios often involves repetitive manual effort, increasing the risk of human error.

Ensuring Comprehensive Testing

Covering all aspects of your POS system, including payment processing, inventory management, and customer interactions, is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task.

Delayed Bug Detection

Manual testing can lead to delayed bug identification, impacting software release timelines and potentially causing customer dissatisfaction.

Challenges with Continuous Integration

Implementing continuous testing and frequent software updates require a more agile and automated approach to POS system testing.

These limitations can hinder your ability to maintain a robust and secure POS system, impacting both operational efficiency and customer experience.

A Robotic Approach to POS Testing

Quaco Pro D POS Testing Solution

The Quaco Pro D POS Testing Solution takes your POS system testing to the next level. Our cutting-edge AI & Robotics powered testing platform streamlines your POS testing process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and faster time-to-market. Imagine a tireless worker dedicated solely to testing your POS system. The Quaco Pro D embodies this ideal, meticulously interacting with your system, analyzing its performance, and generating comprehensive reports – all autonomously.

AI Test Case Generation

Eliminate the need for manual test script development. Leverage the power of AI to generate comprehensive test cases covering a wide range of scenarios, including payment processing, inventory management, and customer interactions from natural language or voice commands.

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Ensure thorough testing of your entire POS system. The Quaco Pro D goes beyond basic functionalities, delving into real-world user interactions and edge cases to provide holistic test coverage.

AI Vision with Validation

Experience enhanced accuracy in real-world simulation. The Quaco Pro D leverages AI vision to identify elements within your POS system. This allows for precise interaction and validation of actions, such as verifying invoice details during testing, mimicking real-world user behavior with exceptional accuracy.

Multiple DUT Support

Test multiple POS systems simultaneously. The Quaco Pro D's capabilities extend beyond testing a single device. This allows you to optimize testing efficiency and streamline your workflow, especially for organizations managing multiple POS systems in different locations.

Reduce regression testing time by 60% and achieve faster go-to-market with our ready-to-deploy robotic testing solutions and ongoing support.

In-depth Analysis & Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your POS system's performance. The Quaco Pro D provides detailed reports that identify passed and failed tests, pinpoint bugs and performance issues, track historical data for trend analysis, and offer actionable insights for improvement.

Seamless Integration & Scalability

Integrate the Quaco Pro D seamlessly into your existing testing environment. The platform is designed for scalability, allowing you to adapt it to your specific testing needs and system complexity, regardless of the size or complexity of your POS infrastructure.

Multiple Payment Methods

Test the behavior of your system with various payment scenarios. The Quaco Pro D allows you to simulate different payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, cash, and contactless payments, ensuring your system functions flawlessly regardless of the chosen payment option.

POS Robotic Testing Accesories & Enhancements

Complete POS Automated Robotic Testing with our advanced robotic components.

A closer look at the AI and robotics behind POS Testing

How Quaco Pro D POS Testing Solution Works

Delve deeper into the innovative technology that drives the Quaco Pro D. Explore the seamless integration of AI and robotics, and how they work together to automate your POS testing process, delivering unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Test Case Generation

Quaco Studio AI

AI-powered Script Generation

Our intelligent Quaco Studio™ platform takes your natural language instructions and generates comprehensive test scripts.

Pre-Built Templates

Get started quickly with a library of pre-built test case templates tailored to common POS functionalities like login procedures, product search, and basic checkout.

Codeless Test Case Generation

No coding expertise required! Teach Studio allows you to visually build test cases. Interact with your POS system using your mouse and keyboard to perform actions – these actions are automatically recorded as test steps. This allows you to arrange and modify the recorded steps in the desired order, building a customized test case that reflects your specific testing needs.

Real-World Interaction

Robotic Actions & Perception

Robotic Finger touch Actions

Simulate realistic finger touches, multi-touch gestures (pinching, zooming), and swipes with pinpoint accuracy, mimicking the way sales person interact with your POS system.

AI Robotic Vision

Incorporate visual recognition for advanced testing, such as barcode scanning, Product & Coupon code validation & Invoice Verification etc.

Robotic Keyboard Actions

Automate keyboard input with manual keyboard entry (Keyboard Emulator) & on screen keyboard entries for tasks like product searches and manual data entries. This eliminates human error and ensures accurate testing of these crucial functionalities.

Checkout Process

Testing Every Step of the Checkout

Sales Person/Manager Login

Verify secure login procedures for different user roles (managers, salespeople) within your POS system. This ensures proper access control and data security.

Product Scanning Accuracy

Test the ability to accurately identify products through diverse barcode formats (UPC, EAN, QR codes). This ensures seamless product identification during checkout, avoiding delays and errors.

Manual On-Screen Entry

Simulate scenarios requiring manual data input like product searches or coupon codes. This eliminates human error during testing and guarantees accurate processing of these functionalities.

Cart Management & Modifications

Simulate customer behavior when managing their shopping cart. Our robots can add, remove, or update product quantities within the cart, ensuring accurate cart totals and seamless checkout procedures.

Discounts & Promotions

Ensuring Accurate Discount Scenario

Coupon Scanning & Entry

Robots can simulate customer behavior by scanning or manually entering various types of promotional codes (coupons, gift cards) during checkout. This verifies the system accurately recognizes and applies the corresponding discounts.

Multiple Discount Integration

Test scenarios involving multiple promotions applied simultaneously. Robots can simulate situations where customers use a combination of coupons, loyalty program points, and other promotional offers, ensuring the system calculates accurate discounts and applies them in the correct order.

Targeted & Personalized Offers

Validate the functionality of targeted or personalized promotions. Robots can simulate scenarios where specific discounts are applied based on customer profiles or purchase history, verifying the system delivers the intended promotional benefits.

Price Override

Simulate scenarios requiring manual price overrides by authorized personnel. Robots can initiate price adjustments for specific items or entire transactions, ensuring the system reflects the intended price changes accurately.

Payment Validation

Testing Every Payment Scenario

Multiple Card Types

Our advanced multiplexer attachment allows robots to test various card payment methods with a single device. This streamlines the testing process and ensures compatibility with a wide range of card technologies, including chip cards, NFC (Near Field Communication) cards, and traditional magnetic stripe cards.

Simulated Card Interactions

Robots meticulously simulate real-world card interactions, including card insertion, swiping, and tapping for various payment terminals.

QR Code & Mobile Wallet

Our solution can validate QR code payments & NFC simulating customer interactions with popular mobile wallet solutions like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Error Handling & Security

The testing process incorporates scenarios simulating potential card errors (e.g., declined transactions, insufficient funds). This allows you to identify how your POS system handles these situations and ensures robust security measures are in place to protect customer data.

Partial Payment Scenarios

Simulate real-world customer behavior by testing partial payments involving a combination of methods (cash, card, coupons). This ensures your POS system can accurately process transactions involving multiple payment types.

Receipt Printing & Validation

The final step of the customer journey. Robots can trigger receipt printing and utilize OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to validate the accuracy and completeness of the printed receipt information.

Analytics & Reports

Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence

Detailed Test Reports

After each test run, robots generate comprehensive reports that detail test results, identify potential issues, and provide valuable data for analysis.

Actionable Insights

These reports go beyond just listing errors. They categorize findings, highlight critical issues, and provide clear recommendations for improvement. This empowers you to prioritize bug fixes and optimize your POS system’s performance.

Customizable Reports

Tailor reports to your specific needs. Filter data by test case, date range, or specific functionalities, allowing you to focus on areas requiring the most attention.

Seamless Integration

Our robotic testing solution integrates effortlessly with your existing project management tools like Jira or with communication tools like Slack. This allows you to seamlessly track test results, assign tasks for bug fixes, and collaborate efficiently with your development team within a familiar platform.

Why Quaco Pro D is the key to enhanced POS testing

Benefits of Robotic POS Testing using Quaco Pro D

Discover how robotic POS testing with the Quaco Pro D revolutionizes your approach, unlocking a multitude of benefits that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall testing effectiveness.

Faster Time-to-Market

Adapt and deploy new POS software updates with confidence. Robotic automation allows for quicker testing cycles, minimizing delays and accelerating your time-to-market.

Improved Accuracy & Consistency

Eliminate human error from the equation. Robotic automation ensures consistent and accurate test execution every time, leading to reliable results and a more robust POS system.

Enhanced Efficiency & Reduced Costs

Robots automate repetitive tasks, freeing up staff for more strategic initiatives. This translates to faster testing cycles and reduced overall testing costs.

Code Reusability

Robotic testing scripts can be easily reused and adapted for various test cases, saving time and effort during test case creation. This promotes consistency and reduces the risk of errors associated with manual script creation for each test.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Ensure a smooth and positive checkout experience for your customers. By identifying and resolving potential issues before they impact real customers, robotic testing promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Gain valuable data and analytics from automated testing. Use these insights to identify trends, optimize system performance, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

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