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Get 100% Coverage on Automated Testing with Robots

Generative AI creates Codeless Test Scripts & Our Robots Deliver Real-World Testing of smart devices with Accuracy & Speed.

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What we offer?

Robot Aided Testing As a Service ROBOT + SAAS = RAAS

Natural Language Instructions

Describe your test scenarios in plain English. Use voice commands or simply type your instructions.

AI-powered Script Generation

Our intelligent Quaco Studio™ Ai platform takes your natural language instructions and generates comprehensive test scripts.

Robotic Test Execution

Advanced robots equipped with specialized accessories execute the test scripts on your device under test (DUT).

In-depth Analysis & Reports

Gain valuable insights from detailed reports that analyze test results, identify bugs, and track performance metrics.

Seamless CI/CD Integration

Identified bugs are automatically pushed into your existing development pipeline (CI/CD) for faster resolution.

Ship with confidence

With comprehensive testing and early bug detection, you can release your products and software with the assurance of exceptional quality and a flawless user experience.

Unleash Automation Across Your Testing Spectrum

Point-of-Sale (POS) Testing

Revolutionize retail operations with automated POS testing. Ensure seamless checkout experiences and minimize errors with our comprehensive testing solutions.

Infotainment Testing

Deliver a flawless in-vehicle experience. Our robotic testing solutions meticulously evaluate automotive infotainment systems, guaranteeing exceptional functionality and user satisfaction.

Mobile App Testing

Our RAAS simulates real human interactions deliver exceptional mobile app experiences that guarantee user satisfaction and flawless functionality.

Smart Meter Testing

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your smart grid infrastructure. Our robotic testing solutions rigorously evaluate smart meters, safeguarding data integrity and optimizing grid performance.

Why Robotic-Aided Testing?

Unmatched Test Coverage

  • Real physical robots interact with real physical devices
  • Intelligent Computer vision can read multiple languages
  • Codeless automation anyone can create test cases
  • Easy integration with any test framework

Enhanced Accuracy and Repeatability

  • AI-powered algorithms for test script generation
  • Efficient testing environment for enhanced productivity
  • Code-less robot training using computer vision
  • Test repeatability and reusability for comprehensive coverage

Increased Efficiency and Scalability

  • Human test engineers produce 2760 test hours/year – 260 working days
  • Robot test platform produces 8760 test hours/ year by 24×7 operation
  • Our robot can do 3x to 5x faster than a human
  • Scale your testing infrastructure without much capital investment

SGBI surprised us with their build quality, customer service, and fast learning. The new product looks fabulous, making it perfectly suitable for complimenting display test systems in any industrial domain. The enhanced product features and quick turnaround times is testimony to the capability of the innovative engineering team at Sastra. We are now avid users of Sastra robotic arms in our HMI test automation systems; we are very satisfied with the usability and stability of the device.

Mr. Sreejith RadhakrishnapillaiVice President, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

DNA Startup Alliance is an exciting program for corporate-startup engagement to create a win-win for both the corporate and the startup. Team SGBI has been a very vision-oriented, agile, quick learning and focused group throughout and has worked closely with the problem statements to provide efficient solutions. They have a strong engineering team producing innovative robotics solution with the international quality standards. It has been a pleasure to work with them & wishing SGBI the best in their journey!

Mr. Hemanth SheelvantHead, Open Innovation, DNA Startup Alliance, Robert Bosch

SGBI's robotic solution for HMI testing has been nothing short of revolutionary for us. As a founder deeply invested in product quality, I was initially skeptical. However, from the moment we engaged with SGBI, their expertise and dedication were apparent. The seamless integration of their solution into our processes was a testament to their understanding of our needs. Personally, witnessing the tangible improvements in efficiency and accuracy has been immensely gratifying. SGBI isn't just a vendor; they're a partner in our solution success story. I enthusiastically endorse SGBI to anyone seeking transformative testing solutions.

Mr. Anuroop MCo-Founder & CEO, Avench Systems

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of devices can be tested?

Our robotic solutions can test a wide range of devices including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets, IoT devices, smart gadgets, automotive infotainments & clusters, medical devices, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, smart meters, in-flight entertainment devices, cockpit devices and more.

What kind of interfaces can be tested?

Various interfaces including touchscreens, physical buttons, knobs, switches, voice commands, gesture recognition systems, and any other user interface elements present on the device.

How long can we test a device?

The duration of testing depends on factors such as the complexity of the device, the scope of testing, and the specific requirements of your project. Our team will work with you to determine the appropriate testing duration to ensure thorough coverage. Our solutions are designed to work non-stop for 24×7 operating hours.

How many devices can be accommodated on the test bench?

The number of devices that can be accommodated in the test bench depends on factors such as the size of the devices and the configuration of the test setup. Our test benches are designed to accommodate multiple devices simultaneously, allowing for efficient testing of large batches.

Does the solution have vision cameras?

Yes, our solutions are equipped with vision cameras that enable visual inspection and verification of various aspects of the device under test. These cameras can capture images and videos for analysis and documentation purposes.

What touch gestures can be replicated using the robot?

Our robots are capable of replicating a wide range of touch gestures including tapping, swiping, pinching, zooming, scrolling, dragging, double-tapping, long-pressing, and multi-finger gestures. These gestures can be customized to simulate user interactions accurately.

What are the benefits of Robot-Aided Testing (RAAS) compared to traditional software testing?

Traditional testing, whether manual or software-based, can have limitations. RAAS utilizes robots to physically interact with your product or system, simulating real-world scenarios and edge cases that traditional methods might miss. This leads to more comprehensive testing, improved accuracy, and faster time-to-market.

How does SGBI's RAAS model work?

SGBI offers a subscription-based RAAS model. This eliminates the upfront investment in robotic testing equipment and provides you with access to cutting-edge technology. Our team will work with you to develop customized testing solutions that address your specific needs.

Can I integrate SGBI's RAAS with my existing testing tools?

Yes, SGBI’s RAAS solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing testing frameworks and CI/CD pipelines for a smooth and efficient workflow.

Does RAAS provide reports and documentation after testing cycles? How comprehensive and/or customizable are these reports?

Yes, RAAS provides detailed reports and documentation after each testing cycle. These reports are comprehensive and customizable according to your specific requirements, providing insights into test coverage, defects found, and recommendations for improvement.

What incremental effort might be required to incorporate RAAS into my current testing cycle?

The incremental effort for incorporating RAAS into your current testing cycle depends on factors such as the complexity of your product, the level of automation already in place, and the specific requirements of your testing process. Our team will work closely with you to minimize any disruptions and ensure a smooth transition.

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